Mas Oyama, 10th Dan, the founder of Kyokushin Karate, was born in 1923 in shouth-west Korea




I am Hussein Suleiman, born in Labanon of Arab descent. I am Shihan (Expert) (8th Black belt...




The Karate means "Empty Hand" KARA: Empty, TE: Hand.





My name is Hussein Hassan Suleiman, born in Lebanon of Arab descent. I am Shihan (Expert) (7th Dan) Black Belt and Chairman of Middle East Kyokushin Karate. I am also the trainer of self-defense and contact fighting for the officers training and special guard units to the Police Academy of the State of Kuwait.



I begin training in Lebanon at the age of fourteen in boxing and body building from the age of sixteen for six years. I had also begun to play seriously for the 2nd Lebanon Nation Football Team, which gave me balance and good leg work. I ran the 1966 Beirut to Saida 45KM Marathoon and placed 6th.


After two years, I quit boxing to join Judo which I continued to play for about one and half years. I then heard about my future trainer, Ahmed Abu Khaza'al. He had just returned from Germany and I had heard of his strength and skills in the art of Taekwando.




I joined his club where we trained for two more years. During this time, we learned of Kyokushin Karate. Our trainer Ahmed Abu Khaza'al adopted this new style and we emerged as a group of true devotees to Kyokushin. My belief in its purity and strength lives in my continuing dedication. In 1975, my teacher Mr. Abu Khaza'al received an invitation to train in the country of Bahrain and I decided to join my teacher at his new posting. Within two months, I received a phone call from my brother who was working in Kuwait. He had news of an offer for me to become the trainer for a club there. I left for Kuwait in to begin work at the Al-Salmiya Sports Club on April 24, 1975. I eventually transferred to the Kuwait Sea Sport Club where I remained for 16 years. I had also accepted a post with the Kuwait Ministry of Interior at the Police Academy. To this day, I continue to be responsible for the Karate and self-defense training.




I formed a team form a select group of my sudents and began partcipating in International Championships and Tournaments from 1978. We were consistently placed in the advanced rankings and attained our most prestigious wins at the International European Oyama Cup Championship Trounament in 1988. We were placed 2nd and 3rd and returned to Kuwait amid great celebration.



I participated as a fighter with my team at British International Championship of 1982, where I won 3rd place. In 1984, my student Alaa' Sarank (now Branch Chief for Kyokushin, Syria), won best knock out at the World Karate Tournament in Japan. He has also won many advanced rankings in Europe. At the 1987 fourth World Championship in Japan, my team achieved acclaim. My student, and now Chief Trainer and Technical Advisor in Kuwait Mr. Monic Jarkas, was placed 16th in the world rankings. He became the first Arab fighter to reach this ranking and still holds this classification today. He won the 2nd "Best Knock-Out" at the Championship which is still used on replays of footage for championships today. In 1991, Sosai Mas Oyama, the founder of Kyokushin Organization, and I organized the First Middle East Championship Tournament held in Lebanon. This was followed by the First Middle East Training Camp. The second Middle East Training Camp was held in Beirut, in July of 1997.